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We are Ellen De Meyere and Aleksandar Vlahovic and we have travelled, lived and worked in both Belgium and Serbia-Montenegro. During this period we have gotten to know both countries culturally, economically and politically.
But foremost, we have established links with people and companies.


Now, we aim to build bridges, linking the business and human potential of Serbia-Montenegro and surrounding countries that have recently joined the E.U. to opportunities in Belgium.
To do this we use extensive and reliable networks within both markets to link people and companies in both directions, by guiding, advising and inspiring them.


Serbia and Montenegro are countries rich in potential for both the import, production and export of services and goods. To materialize these opportunities, authorities are continuously investing in administrative and legislative clarification and simplification.

Geographical position

Within 24 hours, goods can reach Serbia and Montenegro from any location in Europe. Furthermore, both countries are the ideal distribution point connected directly to Russia, Belarus, the former Yugoslavia and Turkey.

From a business point of view it is the perfect geographical position thanks to Montenegro being on the Mediterranean, nearly 400 miles of the river Danube across Serbia and the position of both countries between West, East and Southeast Europe.

Business Climate

Adding to this unique geographical position Serbian and Montenegrin governments have created a flexible administrative environment fit for fiscally attractive investments.

Free Zones were created around 11 Serbian cities with numerous benefits for foreign investors. Customs procedures have been simplified and there is exemption from customs duty in both Serbia and Montenegro. 
Duty free exports to Southeast Europe, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, subsidiary measures and favourable tax systems add to the potential of the region.


IMOBS recruit is your innovative HR-partner with knowhow of the Belgian market and the talent of employees in Serbia, Montenegro and surrounding countries that have recently joined the E.U.

IMOBS recruit finds, screens and selects motivated and reliable employees that can easily and sustainably fill in Belgian Shortage occupations.

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